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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - Jay Horita

Oct. 15th, 2007

03:58 pm - Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

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I just came back from NYC. While I love the city, I'm glad to be back after the past week of being in New Jersey. I was there primarily for Gentran training for work, but decided to go up to NYC while I was there.

I actually wasn't really looking forward to going to NYC this time around. It's not too fun of a place to be when you are on your own. I was getting a little homesick even, probably because of all the stress of travelling. But I made use of my time there.

My trip to NYC started with me trying to find the car rental place to return my car. The problem was not that I did not know where the place was; imagine opening a business where your drive-in entrance is on a freeway. I'm not kidding, to get to the place, you go on the right side of the highway, and then turn into the parking lot.. no merge, ramp, or anything. So I missed the turn-in a couple times. The other problem is that the roads in New Jersey do not make any sense. I was going northbound, and the only way to get to the car rental drop-off was to go southbound. I decided to get off on an exit further ahead to make a U-turn, but the exit led me away from the freeway altogether. I swear that NJ purposefully makes the highways confusing so that you pay more toll. After making various u-turns and paying a 6-dollar toll cause I ended up going to Staten Island, I finally returned my car.

The car rental place was not even an established office. It was a back room of the Ramada Inn that had a printed piece of paper taped on the door that said "Payless Car Rental". The car rental pickup and drop-off was the hotel's parking lot. Note to self: Never rent from them again.

Anyways, I return the car and make my way to NYC to my hostel. That was not a problem, just a lot of waiting for trains/subways to come. Tried to contact various people I knew there, but of course they are all busy. So the whole trip was pretty much solo.

I went to a bar Friday night (I think it was called "Vine" or something) -- which is a gay bar on 8th. I was sitting alone at the bar being my alcoholic self, and this girl came next to me and started making chit chat. She invited me over to her table, where sat her guy friend. It was actually kind of cute cause she was British and the guy (who was from Connecticut) had this proper English accent as well. They had such a cute dynamic with each other and totally had British humor. :) The guy was pretty cute as well, so that was a bonus! :) Anyway, we just chit-chat, and they eventually head off.

What surprised me was that they asked if I was gay or straight. When you get asked that question when you're a guy at a gay bar by yourself, it sort of takes you back. :)

After this, I head back to the hostel and go to bed. The next morning I get some brunch on 8th as well... I was in luck, cause I ordered crab cakes benedict, and someone just cancelled their order after it was made, so it came out the minute I ordered it. :)

I walk from here to Central Park, stopping at various shops on 5th Ave. I showed great restraint, cause I only bought a sweater at A&F. I was really trying hard to hold myself back from buying more Versace. :) That was tough. But anyway, @ Central Park, I take a little rest cause my feet were killing me at this point.

Nothing really eventful after this. I just did a lot more walking around (I walked from south Manhattan to Central Park twice literally, but I'm sure I walked the equivalent of that twice). I ate at a Japanese restaurant in St Mark's Place -- decided to be adventerous so I ordered this sashimi bowl with sea urchin. I can't say that sea urchin is my favorite dish. :S I couldn't finish it, but the salmon was good.

My feet and legs were butchered at this point, so it was irresistible when I walked past a pedicture/manicure/spa place. I was actually going to do it earlier, but I was a little shy cause my feet were not in the greatest condition since I didn't cut my toenails for a while, and they were probably sweaty from walking all over. At this point though, I didn't care. So I went in to get a pedicure, and spa treatment for my feet. That felt GOOOOOOOOOOOD and very much needed. :)

Afterward, I think all the workers there were hitting on me, cause they were just all sitting together, and asked me random questions... they first asked if I was Japanese. After I said I was half Japanese and Korean, they all went "OOOoooo" and were happy. Hehe, they even were happier once I spoke some Korean.

Now that I think about it, I don't know if it was my red hair, my sexy good looks, or if I had a piece of crab cake stuck on my head, but I noticed several people checkin' me out all throughout walking around. I feel looved. :)

I hung out in Starbucks afterward, and made a pit stop at another bar I read about called "g". It was so packed! I had to wriggle my way to the bar, where I ordered a Grey Goose martini. That night was pretty uneventful as I quickly made my exit once I was done with my drink.

Went back to my hostel, where I took a 1 and a half hour power nap, before I made my way back to the airport. Now comes the stressful part again...

So I leave at 3:45am.. and begin my trek waiting for the Metro to go to Penn Station. My memory is very susceptible to post-interference apparently, cause I really thought Penn Station was 42nd Street -- which is actually the Port Authority bus terminal (I had to go there last time). So, I had to board the metro back to 34th St, where Penn station actually is. I'm frantic at this point cause I had to be there by 5:15, and I arrived at 34th around 5:00.

I run to the station, hurry and buy the ticket, only to find that the train has been delayed because of some malfunction they were working on. It ended up being about 40 minutes late, which made me even more frantic cause I thought I was going to miss my flight. I get to the airport, and try to haul ass, but of course being limited by the monorail from the train station to the airports. And I luckily make it to the counter right in time -- precisely an hour before the flight departure. Last time I went to the airport, they denied me cause I was there 45-minutes before flight departure.

Anyways, I check my bags and get through security, and board the plane. The plane goes to take off, but in the middle, they have some failure with the emergency lights. So we taxi back to the gate, and they take about 40 minutes to fix the lights. We then take-off, and so now everything is smooth sailing, right?

Of course not. We get to Seattle, and apparently, the planes can't land in thick fog (I thought there were instruments to get past fog?) So we're being held in a circle pattern around the airport until we can land, probably for another 30 minutes.

When I finally reached the Seattle airport, I not only kissed the ground, I made love to it.

Next time I go to New Jersey, I'm just going to fly directly back to Seattle.


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Date:October 16th, 2007 06:10 pm (UTC)
Why do you have to go to New Jersey?
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