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Jay Horita

Feb. 1st, 2007

03:00 pm - Something that'll occupy you for hours. (:


Jan. 31st, 2007

07:13 pm

Yay, I still have the hearing of a teenager. (: I can hear up to 18.8Khz. It's piercing though, so don't have the volume up to high or your ears will hurt.


Jan. 25th, 2007

09:15 pm - Realization #3

Actually, I can expand the previous list..I have sub-categories I like that are tied with an ethnicity. I like:

- Geeky white men (David Duchovny)
- Professional, stylish black guys (e.g. Tyrese)
- Frat-boy Indian guys (Kal Penn)
- Asian guys who love to eat (John Cho :) )
- Alternative/skater-boy Latinos.

Why am I so wierd?

01:50 pm - Realization #2

The guys I usually tend to like are either geeks, or pudgy Asian guys, but never a combination of both. I have no explanation.

Jan. 22nd, 2007

03:04 pm - Heterophilliac

I wrote a post about this a long time ago, but I'm revisiting it again. At the time I named it something more complex, but after some thinking, I think "heterophilliac" is the best term for it, even though it currently has a meaing in biology.

If a heterosexual is a person who is sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex, and a homosexual is a person who is sexually attracted to members of the same sex... what do you call a person who is sexually attracted to the same sex, but emotionally attracted to the opposite sex? Popular culture combines these two axes of love as a single entity, but can't there be a dichotomy between the two dimensions so that they can exist independently?

Homophilliac homosexual
Homophilliac heterosexual
Heterophilliac homosexual
Heterophilliac heterosexual
(And you could also replace all the "hetero" and "homo"'s with "bi" as well)

Often times, sexuality is such a strong force that it weaves the feelings of sexuality and emotion together so they form a sonorous bind, but for some people, there is a discord between who they find physically appealing and with whom they ultimately share intimacy.

The question then remains if it is possible for a heterophilliac homosexual, or a homophilliac heterosexual couple to be in a successful relationship. The obvious answer might be whether sex is a mandatory aspect for the relationship, but there still is a missing piece. Afterall, sex may still be important for these types of relationships to work, cause sex can be the way to express ultimate intimacy.

The final question then remains... How can a homosexual enjoy sex with the opposite sex? And how can a heterosexual enjoy sex with the same sex? What if you place unconditional love into the picture? What if the way you enjoy sex is simply by being pleasured by ensuring the happiness and pleasure of the other person?

It is then, when a heterophilliac homosexual can be in a successful relationship with the opposite sex, and when a homophilliac heterosexual can be in one with the same sex.

Jan. 17th, 2007

01:41 am - Belated New Year's resolution...

I've already resolved that this year I will culture myself. Since I'm usually stuck bored in Bellevue anyway, I need to utilize that time being productive. Here's my to do list for the year:

- Study and practice different memory techniques... I can do this even just on the bus or any time I'm idle. I've already learned the Roman Room method, the Major System, and the basic memory techniques.
- Practice the piano/guitar
- Write 3 new COMPLETE songs.
- Learn phrases and grammar of 6 languages... German, Danish, French, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish.
- Improve my Korean...
- Read at least 4 politically themed books, 4 biographies on notable figures, and 4 classic novels.
- Watch 24 classic movies I never seen yet.
- Attend 4 films in the Seattle Film Festival, and 4 films in the Seattle L/G film festival.
- Read the news more frequently
- Learn more vocabulary words
- Start weightlifting again
- Take some hip hop dance classes.
- Study networking/system admin ... get a better understanding of linux. Possibly get MCSA, MCSD, Cisco certifications.
- Think of online business ideas, and possibly start implementing them.
- Improve myself socially to become less timid.
- Join/volunteer in a GBLT organization.

That sounds like way too much, but it's definately doable, even with a full-time job -- just have to consider this is my goal for the entire year. I will draw out my schedule tomorrow. :)

Jan. 16th, 2007

09:15 pm - Realization

I just had a realization... despite the fact that I like to do a lot of fun things and being very outgoing, I'm actually a really boring guy.

How sad. :(

Jan. 10th, 2007

01:28 am - Other miscellaneous NYC photoshoots...

Yay! The camera I left in New Jersey came in today! (: Here are more NYC pics!

Click here for more...Collapse )

Jan. 6th, 2007

02:46 am - Oh, the irony of love.

It's funny how I get when I get a crush on someone. I want to nurture and take care of them, and I place almost all of my own happiness in making them happy.

It's equally funny when that romantic side of me turns into rage and I want to strangle them cause of that ambiguous state they seem to always leave me under.


Jan. 3rd, 2007

07:03 pm - New cell phone and number!

I got a new cell phone! :) And since my Verizon contract is still ongoing, I had to get a new number as well.

Just ask me and I'll give the # to you.

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